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2013年7月Taichi Qigong and Sound Qigong 1



I can not speak English

Taichi Qigong and Sound Qigong 1

I can not speak English well,so explain will be not enough.This time Kauko my translater returend to Helsinki for another job.Please hear Tonnu Margus's talk.He has joined my lecture this six years and understand well.
Taichi Qigong is based on Taichiquan.It is take one movement from Taichiquan and repeat training.Through repeat training the deeper structure of Taichiquan apeared.And tastse it as a Qigong.
We have a plan to learn from simple to complex form of Taichi.

Podonggong(Wave movement Qigong)

Liuduanxian(6 parts of Taaichi basic circle movement)

Lessons of Three Circle

Small Circle Inside belly Chanmigong of Liuhanwen

Middle Circle In front of body Sanyuan style of Jiaoguorui
Big Circle The Body in the Circle Waidanggong of Zhangyu
Waidangong The Lessons of Neidang movement

Podonggong(Wave movement Qigong)

1 Open and close
2 Raise and fall down
3 Keep ball make big circle Right and left
4 Keep ball make horizontal circle Right and left
5 Left foot front make circle from face to go down Right and left
6 Another direction Right and left
7 Make circle flat inside to outside Right and left
8 Another direction Right and left
9 Earth to sky
10 Sky to earth
11 Standing Zhanzhuang

Liuduanxian(6 parts of Taichi basic circle movement)

1 Inside turn
  Left hand make inside circle
  Right hand make inside circle
  Both hands one by one make inside circle
  Both hands same time
2 Outside
  Left hand make outside circle
  Right hand make outside circle
  Both hands one by one make outside circle
  Both hands same time outside circle
3 Cross paturn
  Right outside left inside
  Left inside right outside
4 Various change
  Make flat circle left and right
  Make sky and earth circle right and left
  Make horizontal circle right and left
  Make ∞ both direction
5 Raising up leg
6 Shogong Ending

Voice Lesson

In Qigong 4 kind of voice traning

1 Relax throuth sound song or A
2 Change the pitch from high to low--under blood presure
3 Six voices to inner organ medical qigong
4 Mantra Religeus holly word

Six Voice

1 Liver  yin tree xu soe touch liver
2 Heart yin fire he hae touch center of brest
3 Spleen yin earth hu hu touch stomac
4 Lung yin metal si seo touch nipple
5 Kidney yin water chui tzchui touch back
6 Sanjiao yang xi shi touch side

Example of Mantra

1 Japanese Shinto Nam Jinpen Daibosatsu
  Nam Dashi Henjo Kongo
  On Sorasobotei ei sowaka
  Hihumi yoimuna jakoto(123 4567 8910)
  Japanese Buddism Nam Amidabutsu(Nammaida)
  Nam myouho rengekyou
2 Chinese Nam Guangxi yin pusa
3 Tibetan On A Hum
4 On Manipeimei Hum
  Podonggong 波動功
  Liuduanxian 六段選
  Chanmigong 禅密功
  Liu hanwen 劉漢文
  Sanyuan style 三円功
  Jiaoguorui 焦国瑞
  Waidanggong 外丹功
  Zhanyu 張宇
  Namguangxi yinpusa 南無観世音菩薩


2013年7月Taichi Qigong and Sound Qigong 2




For get basic Qigong Sense Swinging backbone

1 Four Basic
  Right and left
  Front and back
  Turn right
  Turn left
2 Hanging both hands over head
  Right and left
  Front and back
  Turn right
  Turn left
3 Massage yourself and swinging backbone
  Right and left and belly mageage
  Front and back and hip massage
  Turn right and knee massage
  Turn left and knee massage
4 Take a Taichi ball
  Right and left Front and back
  Turn right
  Turn left
5 Take a big Taichi ball
  Right and left Front and back
  Turn right
  Turn left
  1. Keep elbows
  Right and left
  Front and back
  Turn right
  Turn left


Taichi Qigong and Sound Qigong3

2013年7月Taichi Qigong and Sound Qigong 3





About Free Style

1 Controlled Action of General Qigong like Podongong
2 Free Movement
  free move but conciousness controlled
  using the actions of Podonggong free move
3 Natural Movement
  close eyes
  you don't know if it controlled or not
  move free style and in it mixed real spontanity movement
4 Spontanity Movement 1
  no controlled dance but under the infruence of Qigong now play
  We want to try these 3 level
5 Spontanity Movement 2
  All free but enter is clear
6 No controlled spontanity
  Kind of sick





Three Circle Trainng

1 Sangyuangong of Yinyangheqifa in Chanmigong

Sanyuangong=Qigong of Three circle
Yinyanghechifa=A way of connect yin yang energy
Changmigong=Zen ethiterism qigong created by Liu Hanwen

1. In the stomack make circle front back 36 time go out and 36 times go inside
2 In the stomack right and left 36 times go out and 36 times go inside
3 In the stomack horizontal to right 36 times go out and 36 times go inside
  2 Sangyuangong of Taichigong by Jiao Guorui
4 In front of breast both hands draw the circle push and another way
5 In front of breast both hands draw the circle open and close
6 In front of breast both hands draw the circle horizontal open and close

At least every motion 4 times or free
Circle is small or big free
You can step free
3 Sangyuanggong of Waidanggong by Zhang Yu
A small part of Waidanggong
Neidang=medicine of inside
Waidang=medicine of outside
In the ancient time(2000before)serched medicine eternal life.They call it
Waidang.From later time(after AD 0)tried be long life by themselves through
Qigong.Zhang Yu found Waidanggong new meaning.All things is Qi and thrugh
waiqi can touch or move.He created new environmental Qigong.

1 A person in the big circle and the ball move up and down along the circle
2 The ball moves along horizontal
3 The ball moves overhead

Variant.A lion play with ball.
(more longer but small parts)

1 A ball go throgh navel and minmen
2 Spread ball outside and back to center horizontal
3 Up down
4 In front of body up and down
5 Spread ball as a size of univers eand back
6 Take a ball in front of breast contains universe
7 Ball up and down
8 Ball open and close
9 Along big ball up and down
10 Right and left
11 Right up and left down
12 A lion plays with ball
13 Free movement(open eyes)
14 Natural movement(close eyes)
15 Both hands go to navel
16 Round right 9 times left 9 times


2013年7月Taichi Qigong and Sound Qigong 4




Taichi Qigong and Sound Qigong 4


On Stage
motion twice
4 min.
Free style
2 min.
By two person dance
3 min.
Qigong as a history of life
Human brain frontal lobe
meditaton,qigongtai make frontal lobe stop
Bear brain basal ganglia
animal motion activite basal ganglia
Snake brain hypothalamus
moving of snake or turtle make hypothalamas activite
Fish brain medulla oblongata
moving of fish make mella oblongata activite
Seven Stars inside(old brain)
Shokatai Pineal gland
Kojosen Glandula thyroidea
Kyosen Thymus
Naizo shikesetsu
Taiyo shinkeiso
Admral center Glandula suprarenalis
Sexual energy center Reproductive glands
Qigong as a trip to your evolutional history
Take a rest front brain=general all meditation
Activite basal ganglia Five animal play
Activite hypothalamus Turtle and snake Qigong
First brain we call Dantian


2013年7月Many friends


津村 喬

gave me Happy birthday

Many friends gave me Happy birthday.
I am sorry not to say thank you.
This year 10 July no lecture,almost I spend alone,only wrote many writing,after Kauko came for save me for Kanpai.

Come to Takashi Tsumura place.


2013年7月I can not open


津村 喬

this facebook sight for a long time

I can not open this facebook sight for a long time.
You know `Takeshi Takano` is my real name.I made one sight use this name but I forgot my password so Kauko made for me a new one use`Takashi Tsumura` .
I want use this mainly for exchange Estonian and Finnish friends.
But again I lost my password(laugh).
Facebook ask me a nearest friend name.
So I wrote Kauko`s name or girl friend`s name but facebook gate not open.
In Estonia my Viao computer was broken and after come back Kyoto I bought a new acer computer only 40000 yen(340€) and set,facebook told me set a new password.
So I can enter this world.
Basically Takashi Tsumura use English,but in TakeshiTakano sometimes use English.


2013年7月Next year July



I asked again Zen Cooking.3 years ago

Next year July I asked again Zen Cooking.3 years ago I once,this time could better.I like teach Qigong of course,but the cooking more joyful.
Last time we taught it in wood house 15 minuts far by car from Virjandi,but this time we can use court of cafe in the city.
The lessons is 5 days.
In Monday make most basic three set,gohan,misoshiru and takuwan.
Gohan means cooked rice,misoshiru means soup with salted soy,and takuwan is the pickled long radish.These are basic Japanese home cooking,same time the base of Zen cooking.Rice can buy Estonia but it is quite defferent Japanese rice.And how diffrent cook in the genral pot and use Japanese rice cooker(not electric).This is most important.You know and you can buy usually Estonian rice is good.But you don`t know real taste of rice finish your life.
In tuesday use rice make 3 kind of riceball.One is only use salt,one is small salmon piece in it,and make from mixed rice soured plum and dried bonita.
Today`s main is soups.One is use Hachoumiso(red and not sweet) and Tofu,seaweed and leek,one is Saikyoumiso(white sweet)and baked mochi(rice cake)and Kyouna,handmade art gluten,and one more is Shinshumiso(made in Nagano prefecture,brawn miso)and julienne strips big raddiish.
Wensday is holliday.But next year this day is my birthday I have a plan smoll party inside.
In Thurthday cook porridge.In morning Eiheiji or Koyasan almost everyday porridge.There are various way but this time we make only simple white porridge. Today`s thema is pickled.Cucumber,carot and cabbage pickled
in the nuka of rice.Some fishes and egg yellow pickeled in miso.And cabbage in salt.
I also bring some artistic pickled vegetable.Bamboo or shibazuke,
nanohanazuke etc.On the big plate nine kinds of pickled food.It will be so beatiful.
In friday we challenge Tofu.But this time we do not make selfmade tofu.From Japan there are long keep vacumed tofu.Helsinki supermarket sells soft good taste tofu.I plan 12 kinds of tofu cooking.
1 Yakko
2 Niyakko(soy boiled)
3 Shiraae(white salada)
4 Nikujagadoufu
5 Kenchinjiru(soup of fried tofu)
6 Usuage-hakusaini
7 Soy boiled Ganmo
8 Boil of Atsuage and carrot
9 Boiled Okara(10)Dried Yuba and chinese cabbage
10 Sashimi of namayuba
11 Kimuchi-yakko

I make these dished in 1 hour.
In Saturday as a guest cooking with ninozen(second table)and 12 dishes.
Sunday is open performance.I plan 1 person eat on stage same as Saturday.And on stage by slide explain how in Koyasan or Eieiji do.
Lesson time is 3 huor,so fist 1 our spend make calligrafer for spiritual prepare.I bring from Japan 12 Fudepen.One is write `Gokan no ge`(five view points)one day one line.
Same time important word of Laotse or Chinese classics.1 hour make togather,and 1hour eat.
I want the lesson like this open in Japan.
Not only Qigong but cooking?


2013年7月Go to Korakuen Sauna



Saturday I can`t keep a hotel in Tokyo.

Go to Korakuen Sauna
Saturday I can`t keep a hotel in Tokyo.All cheep hotels I know was full.
In thous case I often use Spa in Koraken.Korakuen is originally old garden in the center of Tokyo.Brother of General Tokugawa,Mito Mitsukuni build for himself as live in Tokyo.
After near Korakuen built up big baseball place and playland for kids,more after this Spa world.
It is occupide 4 floor of a big building.
Acception is in six floor and their spread big big bathroom for man and woman each.
In the bathroom there is three big hot water tub in it over 100 person take a bath one time.
This is hot spring from Tokyo deep zone come.In outdoor space 2 more hot spring build up Japanese garden.
Sauna is three,one is 80℃,one is 100℃ both is very quiet meditation space.
And biggest room 70℃ for watching TV.
Many person spend time here and a few people in meditation space.
There are 2 water tub,one is 18℃,another 14℃,not so cold but here enough cold.
Of course there is a shower corner,I like mist shower.
And in one corner there is a space for body wash.
In it over 60 person wash themselves one time.
Each place there is a big mirror for one person,and shampoo,cream,wash towel and etc.
One corner is massage space.Six beds and young ladies wating.
8 floor is gym.Only members.
7 floor is healing space.Total design is like as Thai or Tahiti resort.But one room is a sauna use special China stone,or Turkish jewery ,or kurage(JELLY FISH,MEDUSA) swimmig,etc.
6 floor is bathroom and accept.
5 floor is for eat and sleep.
Several restaurant and snack corner and bar.And every kind massage,--14 kind massage--like Bali massage,Hawaiian Lomilomi,Thai massage,etc.
Sleeping space there are over 100 bed,if not enough you can lay floor.
Every bed has TV or docomo`s tablet.But it use limited for only watch CM and general TV program.I cannot work more on the bed,only watch TV or selfmassage.Ladies can sleep upper floor in the woman only space.Or use this bed.Bed is single size but some people want by two.
Please have a experince Japan style sauna when come to Japan.






I came back from Tokyo.I only stay 4 days I feel deep tired by radioactivities.I can not image how the people in Tokyo and north Kanto . And yet many things is hidden.
I went out my home so dirty I have to cleanup them from now.


Jinbocho is famous old book town.
As before small but there are over one hundred old book store.And some big Chinese book stores are in it.
Before the war in Shanhai and was the symbol of China Japan friendship Uchiyama book store is now in Jinbocho.
One more Eastern book shop is very near.Every month I go to Tokyo I make a time to go to there.
Not only China book for looking around old book.
Today I got several books,in it two books written by famous anthropologist Keiji Iwata.
One is “Kami and God ---A Trip of Animism World”,another is “An Anthropology of Grass,Tree,Insect,Bird”
I have a special thinking for him.
He is a neighbor but I didn`t see with him. When I young I read several books already.But when I knew he lives near it is too late.He is already senile.Why I know that,one of my friend works as nurse in near hospital,and he comes.

That brilliant brain change,I am afraid of see him.He died and I start to collect his books.One of them titled “Freedom from Myself”.Now he is free from himself.
Representative philosopher in moderne Japan Takeshi Umehara,now 89 years old who also live in Kyoto,this spring wrote down a small book titled “Introduction of Mankind Philosophy”.In it he wrote Rene Descartes answered his problem in his age,and Nietzche,Heidegger,every one answered their age question.But they can not answer post 3.11 problem.From where the philosophy come? He found it Japanese Tendai hongaku thoght “all grasses trees and earth can be Budda”.
This philosophy was not in India,not Chinese Buddhism,but only Japanese esoteric Buddhism have.
For Christian the animal or vegetable useful for mankind use,for general Buddhist all grass,tree,and vegetables same.But Tendai Hongaku thought only “all grasses trees and earth can be Budda”.But that thought is not lonely thought but from Ainu thought in Jomon age.He said in the age of post 3 .11 this philosophy grows post Heidegger,post western philosophy.
He is near 90 years old but he can not dye write up this book “The Mankind Philosophy” not “introduce”
He gave this book ideas from Keiji Iwata“An Anthropology of Grass,Tree,Insect,Bird”
Iwata dead but Umehara continues,and after Umehara dead continue many young philosophers included me.


2013年7月In Zen cooking



breakfast is always porridge.


In Zen cooking breakfast is always porridge.
Menu is poridge,grinding sesami,takuwan(picked long radish),salted plum,
and one more simple dish like fried vegetables(long radish,carrot and fried tofu).
This is only an example and rice,sesami and picked vegetable is everyday same,vegetable dish is change.
In many of Kyoto and Osaka family in morning eat porridge.There is a joke that in moning climb Mt.Hiei can hear the sound of slurp all home of Kyoto and Osaka.
The porridge has 10 good point they say.

1 be good face complexion
2 be filled with power
3 be long live
4 easy to eat
5 good for the throat
6 good for stomack
7 not catch cold
8 heal hungry
9 heal thist
10 good to pass stools

They lovee the porridge so much.

【 ZEN cooking 002 】

Plum Hot Water
Far coming guest arriveled,they serve "plum hot water".
In a cup,hot wataer with honey.
And very sour plum pinched waribashi.
Waribashi is hashi(chop sticks)but in this case don`t devide it insert top plum without seed.

【 ZEN cooking 003 】

Three Mind

In Zen cooking three attitude mind.
One is mind of `pleasure`.You are trusted with cook,and make food.This is a grate pleasure.
One is mind of `old`.How more be good taste,how easy eat,how looks good,all is compassion ability.
One more is `big`mind.Be a big mind constant good make dishes in any situation.

【 ZEN cooking 004 】

Most important thing
When Dogen study in China,in the ship waiting permission of land,some chine monk of famous temple comes and buy some food from Japan ship.This is good chance of contact China monk.So Dogen invite him meal.But he said he is busy.Dogen invite him because making food is young monk task,you must have time to exchange with Japanese guest.But he said no.Dogen said "Monk as you,high grade posision,why cook yoyrself?"
Old monk laughed and said "you don`t know about study anything."
In another chance,in Tiantanshan,old monk, his back bent,dried seawead.It is hot day and he works not easy.Dogen ask him anyone help.But the monk said "another man do not for my study".Dogen said "You do not in this hot situation,you can do after".But the monk said "You could wait when".
Throgh two episode Dogen understand what is study Buddihsm.

【 ZEN cooking 005 】

Who wait
Man is waiting the porridge
Never the porridge is waing man.
Flesh hot is most important.

【 ZEN cooking 006 】

Study what?
Study Buddihsm is study yourself.
Study youself is forget yourself.

【 ZEN cooking 007 】

Pealing Poteto Skin is Study Buddihsm
Cleaning house,washing clothes,washing face
all is study Buddha`s way.
"Manager of kitchin hands all monks meal is most important.
If he has not Tao mind,it is hard but no profit."

【 ZEN cooking 008 】

Tenza ha Han wo motte Doshin to nasu.
tenza=monk cooker
han=tasuki.A string the sleeves don`t disturb working.
wo motte=like as
Doshin=Tao mind
Tao mind is understand only direstly a cooking.

【 ZEN cooking 009 】

Daigomi=Most delisious,best taste
Cook Daigomi,but it is not best.
Everyday common dish is not bad.
In everyday selectionyou cook with true mind,sinsirity mind,clean mind
All is Daigomi




Value of 1 €


【 ZEN cooking 010 】

Value of 1 €
Old senior if use 1€ make simple,plaine dish,
now I use same 1€ make delisious,gorgeous dish.

【 ZEN cooking 011 】

Life to Life
Most important point of Zen cooking is we eat another life.
We don`t eat animal but all grasses,all trees have own life.
Rice or any other grains have life also.
If we eat them,their life more useful,more brilliant,for future.

【 ZEN cooking 012 】

Where come?
Before take meal pray five thigs.
Hitotsuniha Kounotashouwo hakari,kano raishowo hakaru.
One.This food comes how far,various place.Am I deserve it?

【 ZEN cooking 013 】

This food judje me
Futatsuniha onregatokugyouno zenketsuwo haktte kuniouzu.
Second.My virtue and action is value for this meal?


【 ZEN cooking 014 】

Clean Mind Through Meal
Mittsuniha Shinwohusegi togawohanarurukotoha tontouwo shuutosu.
Third.When you eat anything,not in devour,anger,foolness.

【 ZEN cooking 015 】

Yottsniha masani ryouyakuwo kototosuruha gyokowo ryouzengatamenari.
Four. Food is the best medicine for heal yourself.

【 ZEN cooking 016 】

Food for Satari
Itsutsuniha Jodouno tamenoyueni imakoso konoshokuwo uku.
Five.My Tao is more complete,I eat all.

【 ZEN cooking 017 】

Thank you!!
Eat meal is thank you!
Grasses,fruits,all vegetables,grains thank you!
Milk,egg water etc I thank you!
All person plant these and get and bring to me thank you!
Person cook for me thank you!
I eat and make big till universe.
I say thank you universe.
I say thank me as a uiverse!


【 ZEN cooking 018 】

Gate Pole of Eiheiji
Gate Pole of Eiheiji both side witten like this.
Right pole is :The Style of Eiheiji is so strict,keep position or rich scholar,if not have want to Buddha difficult to enter this gate.
Left pole is:But this gate is no key or no chain,really determined your mind can any time come and enter the walk with us.

【 ZEN cooking 019 】

Sixth Taste Basic of taste is the balance five.
That is sweet,salted,sour,bitter and hot.
But important is one more.Is is pale and faint.

【 ZEN cooking 020 】

Return Nothing in your hand
If a no good teacher guide you
you enter treasure montain and return nothing in your hand.
This is not only study cooking but Dogen wrote in his cooking book.

【 ZEN cooking 021 】

Three Principle
Kyonan Look so light,not heavy,tasteis soft and gentle
Jouketsu Cearn and neat
Nyohousa Make by right way

【 ZEN cooking 022 】

Same as your Eyes
Some pan that place high good,put high place
Some kettle that place low good,put low place
All tools in order,deal serious and honest way.
Same as yore eyes you use kitchen tools polite.


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